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Wine from a wonderful territory

We are in San Quirino, Western Friuli’s town.
A small portion of Friuli, characterized by the extreme proximity to the Friulian Alps.Our microclimate is influenced by its elevated temperatures, because there no hills to create a barrier between the mountains and the plateau.

Red Wines

White Wines

The drinking pleasure, the simplicity and the immediacy are ancient values that have been handed down by this product and they have an essential importance for us.

The Company

For over a century the Russolo family history has been intertwined with the world of enology. It all began in the late 800s when Giovanni Russolo became known as a leading wine producer in the Pordenone region. Following Giovanni’s footsteps, Rino Russolo began to play an important role in the history of Italian wine starting in the 1960s. The winery took its current form in 1974 when Iginio and his wife Sonia created their own business.

With the purchase of the San Quirino vineyards in 1990, the fourth generation of the Russolo family entered the business, and with the support of Antonella and Rino the winery now embraces new challenges. In early 2000, the Russolo winery left its original headquarters for the new San Quirino winery built in the center of the company’s primary cru, Ronco Calaj.

Our Wines

The winery’s product range consists of Russolo wines from the primary “cru” RONCO CALAJ, ZUI,  and MUSSIGNAZ. Here we produce local wines such as FRIULANOREFOSCO DAL PEDUNCOLO ROSSO and the RIBOLLA GIALLA as well as international varieties such as CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC, MULLER THURGAU, PINOT GRIGIO, MERLOT and CABERNET SAUVIGNON.

To complete the product range, there are also prestigious wines from our “DUE” series.
the charming DOI RAPS (a blend of overripe Sauvignon and Pinot grapes) and the magnificent BORGO DI PEUMA (a blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco vinified using the ancient family recipe). These wines have been studied and developed to express sophisticated harmonies and an extremely pleasant taste.

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