Project Description

Growing area

San Quirino, comune in the province of Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Soil type

Wide flat area consisting of the alluvial fan of the Cellina River.
This is a thick alluvium layer of sediment made up of limestone and dolomite created by glacial melt-water, at the foot of the Dolomiti Friulane Mountains.

Climate type

In San Quirino the climate is temperate warm, with harsh winters and hotsummers. Significant rainfall, distributed over 94 days a year, results in 1,362 mm of precipitation. The average solar energy is 1,373 Kw/h per square mete and the average temperature over the course of a year is 19.5 °C. July, the hottest month, has an average low of 16 °C and an average high of 29.7 °C.

Grape variety

A blend of red fruity varieties.


The grapes are selected and handpicked and after slight pressing, are left to macerate in stainless steel tanks for 5-8 days, during which ongoing operations take place to completely remove noble polyphenols from the skin. In the course of the maceration, in addition to alcoholic fermentation, the process of malolactic fermentation also takes place.
The temperature of the maceration is deliberately kept low so as not to lose the fruity notes. The aging of the wine, up until the bottling, takes place in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature.

Tasting notes

Wine of a deep red color with violet reflections. Fruity fragrance that recalls raspberries, blackberries, wild berries. Pleasantly typical of the varietal, harmonic and with a good fullness for the palate. The soft tannins also allow this wine to be drunk fresh.

Best served with

Excellent for an aperitif. It combines very well with salami and pasta, if it is well seasoned and also with grilled meats.

Tips for use

Ideal serving temperature, 16 – 18 °C. Wine for serving preferably in a rounded glass, which significantly narrows to the rim.

Analytical data

Alcohol content 12 – 12.5 %
Total acidity 4.5 – 5.0 g/l
pH 3.55 – 3.70
Residual sugar content 4.0 – 5.5 g/l

Our Red Wines

Our White Wines

A line of white wines meant to express the best in the transparency of the glass, by the explosive force of the aromas and the taste balance of the palate, the pleasantness of the classic Friulian style.