Our Wines

The winery’s product range consists of Russolo wines from the primary “cru” RONCO CALAJ, ZUI, MUSSIGNAZ and MASSARAC. Here we produce local wines such as TOCAI, RIBOLLA GIALLA as well as international varieties such as CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC, MULLER THURGAU, PINOT GRIGIO, MERLOT and CABERNET SAUVIGNON.

The grapes chosen from each single vineyard create elegant wines that are sharply aromatic and have extremely clean organoleptic characteristics and a harmonious taste.

To complete the product range, there are also prestigious wines from our “Collection” series.
REFOSCO (aged in small wood), the charming DOI RAPS (a blend of overripe Sauvignon and Pinot grapes), PINOT NOIR – Grifo Nero, Moscato Rosa – PRATO DELLE ROSE, the magnificent BORGO DI PEUMA (a blend of Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco vinified using the ancient family recipe) and CASALI BEARZI, a mariage of native Friulian grape varieties. These wines have been studied and developed to express sophisticated harmonies and an extremely pleasant taste.


Our vision

Pinot Grigio: At the beginning of the 1960s, in view of a specific request to provide a fresh, fruity wine with a modern edge, the oenologist Rino Russolo (grandfather of the current owner) had the idea of inventing a white wine from Pinot Grigio grapes. Before then, nobody had ever thought of using that variety of grape to produce a white wine to sell on the market. One of the most important events in Italian winemaking is thus inextricably linked to the Russolo family.

Points of view

Our idea of wine is linked to a traditional vision of the product. The wine made in our vineyards was a familiar, genuine and straight forward product. Pleasantness, simplicity and directness are age-old values that this product has passed down from one generation to the next, and still today they are of fundamental importance.


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Where we are

At San Quirino, on the Pordenone plateau, (characterized by the extreme proximity to the Friulian Alps and the resulting microclimate with its elevated temperatures) the winery tends to approximately 16 acres of vineyards and produces wines known for their strong territorial peculiarities.